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Job Postings


(Program: PIT/Location: Various)

BA in the social sciences or related field of study. Experience working with youth and/or families desired.  Will organize and coordinate case management services on behalf of clients.  Must be able to read, write & understand English.  Salary:  $14.38/HR. Posting Closes:  3/27/15.


(Program:  Head Start/Location:  Various)

GED/HS Dip. plus six months of experience working with children ages 3-5.  Must have CDA or NM Early Childhood Accreditation. Must be able to read, write & understand English.  Must be computer literate.  Salary: $9.16/HR. Posting Closes:  3/27/15.


(Program:  Head Start/Location: Various)

CDA credential  in Infant and Toddler, or equivalent credential in early childhood development including NM Child Development Certificate with a focus on infant and toddler development; AA/BA in Early Childhood Education or BA/AA in related field of study with  a minimum of 18 credit hours in early childhood.  Experience working with children ages 0-3 years in a group setting.  Must be willing to read, write, and understand English. Must be computer literate. Salary: CDA:  $12.75/HR, AA: $13.82/HR, BA: $16.42/HR. Posting Closes:  3/27/15.


(Program: Head Start/Location: Albuquerque)

BA in Early Childhood Development or related field of study plus 6 years of experience in an early childhood growth and development setting.  Must have 2 years demonstrated supervisory experience and knowledge of Early Head Start program.  Must be qualified to license a Head Start Center under NM State Childcare Licensing regulations. Must have knowledge of NM Children’s Code, child abuse reporting procedures and protocol. Must be able to read, write & understand English.  Salary: $1,685.79 Bi-Weekly. Posting Closes:  3/27/15.


Program: PIT Location: 4SO

GED/HS Diploma plus four years direct work experience working with gangs and/or youth at risk for gang involvement.  Must have the ability to read, write, and understand English.  Salary: $12.75/HR  Posting closes 11/7/14


(Program/Head Start/Location: El Rito)

GED/HS Diploma preferred.  2 years of large quantity cooking experience, preferably in a child care setting.  Must demonstrate knowledge by being a Certified Food Protection Manager.  May be responsible for obtaining EID permit. Must be able to lift & carry 50 pounds +/-. Must be able to push carts w/fairly heavy loads up to 100 lbs. Must be able to read, write & understand English. Must be computer literate. Salary:  $10.57/HR. Open Until Filled.

Employee Benefits

YDI is proud to offer an array of benefits that are a key for attracting and retaining employees. In a dynamic environment with health costs rising constantly, YDI has managed to keep the cost to the employee so low that employees are able to insure not only themselves, but the entire family. For a list of benefits offered by YDI, please check the information below.

We thank you for stopping by and visiting. We are constantly looking for qualified competent employees who can carry our mission of making a difference in the community we serve. Hopefully you will decide to consider us for employment after reviewing the awesome benefits package we have to offer. To view our employment opportunities, click here.

*Health Insurance: YDI offers three health plans through Presbyterian for eligible employees. To view the current employee health insurance cost sheet, click here.

*Dental Insurance: YDI offers its dental insurance for eligible employees. To view the current employee dental insurance cost sheet, click here.

Vision Insurance: YDI offers its vision insurance through VSP for eligible employees. To view the current employee vision insurance cost sheet, click here.

Life Insurance: YDI offers $25,000 basic life insurance through Hartford Life for its full time employees at no cost. Additional supplemental life and supplemental AD&D may also be purchased through Hartford Life.

Long Term Disability Insurance: YDI's long term disability insurance pays 60% of a full-time employee's salary, not to exceed $3,000 per month. Long term disability insurance will begin once an employee has been out of work for 13 weeks.

Retirement Plan:
YDI's 4.0.3(b) retirement plan is offered to eligible employees who are working at least 20 hours per week and have worked for YDI at least six months. YDI will contribute a maximum of 6% of the employees' salary. Employees may enroll in the 4.0.3(b) retirement plan threough Metropolitan Life (MetLife) and/or AIG.

YDI Honors a total of eleven (11) holidays annually. To see the holiday schedule, please click here. In addition to the holidays provided, eligible YDI employees who have satisfactorily completed their trial period will be credited with two (2) personal holidays that can be used any time of the year with their supervisor's prior approval.

*Vacation: After satisfactory completion of of the trial period, eligible employees will be granted forty (4) hours of annual leave. Thereafter, annual leave accrual is as follows:

  • 0-4 yrs. of service:  4 hrs. / pay period based on an 80 hr. pay period.
  • 5-9 yrs. of service:  5.2 hrs. / pay period based on an 80 hr. pay period.
  • 10+ yrs. of service:  6 hrs. / pay period based on an 80 hr. pay period.

*Sick Leave: Full time regular employees eligible for fringe benefits are credited with four (4) hours sick leave per pay period (based on an 80 hr. pay period). These are not available for use until the employee has satisfctorily completed his/hre initial trial period. Sick leave of up to forty (40) hours per year may be authorized when an employee is required to take care for a member of their immediate family if incapacitated by sickness or injury..

*Bereavement Leave:
In the event of a death in his/her immediate family, a full-time regular employee, part-time or seasonal employee who has been employed for a minimum of one (1) year, may be granted bereavement leave with pay not to exceed five (5) working days per year.

*Educational Leave:
Employees become eligible for a maximum of three (3) hours a week educational leave after they have satisfactorily completed their initial trial period.

Legal Insurance:  Eligible employees may purchase low-cost legal insurance through ARAG.

Job Application

Please read the following instructions before completing the application or applying for a job. If you need assistance in completing the application, please call our main office at 505-831-6038 or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Applications are only accepted for positions posted
Applicants must submit a separate application for each position.

Application Intake Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

The applications are available in print format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) from the link at the bottom of this page. Fill out the entire application as follows:

Indicate the exact position title and posting number on your application.
Applicants must submit an application form. You can submit a resume to support an application only; resumes submitted without an application form will not be processed.

Applications must be typed or written in black ink. Be as accurate and legible as possible.

Applicants must provide all relevant information regarding education and work experience, places and dates of employment (month/year), position(s) held, duties and responsibilities, training or academic study and credit hours. Credit for volunteer work will be given if the Volunteer section in the application is completed. Volunteer experience must be verifiable.

Copies of transcripts, licenses and certificates must be submitted with the application when designated as minimum qualification. Fax, mail, or deliver the application and supporting documents to the addresses/number listed below. Applications must be submitted no later than the position closing date. When submitting transcripts, licenses, and certificates, please provide us with your name, position(s) name and number, and date applied.

Youth Development, Inc.
6301 Central Avenue, NW
Albuquerque, NM 87105
Attn: Human Resources Dept.
Fax: 505-352-3400

to download the YDI Job Application.


(Program/Head Start/Location: Espanola)

BA or AA in Early Childhood Education or BA/AA in related field of study with a minimum of 18 Credit Hours in Early Childhood.  Experience working with infants and toddlers ages 0-5 years in a group setting.  Must be able to read, write & understand English. Must be computer literate. Salary: BA:  $16.42./HR; AA: $13.82/HR. Open Until Filled.

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