Youth Development, Inc. (YDI), founded in 1971, is a nationally recognized youth service organization that partners with families to help them solve life’s problems.

How do we accomplish this?

Providing an accepting and culturally competent environment

Offering diverse services

Having proven results


For almost a half century, Youth Development.  has been fighting a war against poverty and all its causes and effects. We are always trying to find a better way to partner with families to solve life’s problems by providing an accepting environment that offers diverse services that have proven results. In a State that comes in last in the nation for issues like hunger, child well-being, and education. YDI is first on the front lines to battle each and every social ill.


Through YDI’s programs over 6,000 children and parents were actively engaged in program activities.
Through YDI’s Education & Employment programs more than 700 young people received employable skills training with 99% of them receiving paid work experience and/or internships upon completing their program.
When you think of service please think of us and the difference our agency makes in people’s lives and what we will continue to do.