Last night evening we had a mentor appreciation dinner, as a thank you to the volunteers for volunteering their time with our mentoring program. The Wise Men and Women Mentorship program, after 27 years of providing mentoring services to the Albuquerque community has ended in its final year. The  YDI Mentoring Initiative is currently recruiting volunteers for our other mentoring programs; The Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program, Young Minds Mentoring Initiative, and Hope Mentoring Program. These three programs focus on mentoring through a different scope.

The Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program focuses on goal setting and career exploration through one on one, group and peer mentoring. Young Minds Mentoring Initiative is a one on one mentoring with the focus being on career readiness. The Hope program is a group mentoring project taking place in an elementary, middle and high school.

YDI is looking for dedicated, positive role models to be mentors for the youth here in
Albuquerque. This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the people in your community and to inspire the young adults of the future. We are screening mentors throughout the year. Our screening process includes a complete application followed by a reference check. We then schedule a face to face interview, once approved the applicant must go through a fingerprinting and background investigation. When the applicant has been cleared, an initial mentor training is given to the applicant and then the mentor/mentee placement. 

Our mentors are key to the successes of these programs.