By Camerla Benavidez

I only worked with Marcos for the last 2 years of his employment here at YDI.  My office was across from his. I would be at the office early in the morning and as soon as Marcos walked in, he would stop by my office and say, “did you have breakfast?” I would say, “no, just on my third cup of coffee” and then he would say let’s make another pot and hand me a burrito. He would say “here, you need your morning calories.” I always laughed and enjoyed it. After our morning talk about politics, religion, God, family, and our days work, we got our day started. 

He would go out and photograph, interview, and write a story of one of our employees, Board members or clients.  Then our afternoon talk would take place. He always saw the good in everything. He would always point out a lesson learned from the day. Sometimes he would make me laugh so hard because we would make fun of people and try so hard to stay quiet and then burst out laughing again.  He always made my day go by fast.  

During the Fall he would tell me about his favorite holiday is Halloween.  I would go on Pinterest and show him decoration ideas for his house. He would tell me every day about the pumpkins he grew and then surprise me with one. “Don’t forget to send me a picture after you carve it” he would tell me.  Then his hard rock music would be on BLASTING in his office! I didn’t have the heart to tell him to turn it down because he couldn’t hear well and he wouldn’t be able to hear it. So let’s say, I learned some new lyrics! He really did LOVE his music. 

He went to lunch at his mom and dad’s house every day.  He would always say “I am going to go see my beautiful mom. She is making lunch for me.” He looked forward to that every day.  He also looked forward to seeing his son, Augie. I can hear him talking to his son and in his soft voice say, “how was school?” “Did you have a good day?” “Did you eat lunch?” Then some days he would talk to his daughters and ask the same questions.  He adored his family! He bragged on a daily basis about them. Oh and his best friend, his brother! How can I forget about the stories about him! He would always say how his brother is his best friend and how he can’t go a day without talking to him. He always bragged about his work. How talented you are!  The day would come to an end and then start all over again the next morning. Coffee, laughs, and our plans for the day. 

Marcos, Why did you have to leave this earth so fast?  You were an angel here on earth! YDI was blessed to have you for 20+ years! And I was blessed to have you next to my office for your last 2 here at YDI! 

Rest in peace, Marcos.