1. Decide which test you want to take. Although the process is commonly referred to as “getting your GED,” GED is actually one of the tests you can take in the process of receiving your High School Equivalency certificate or HSE. In New Mexico, you have two options for testing. GED and HiSET. Both lead to the same thing and it is simply a matter of preference on which test you take.
  2. Under 18? If you are, you’ll need a special form that permits you to take your High School Equivalency tests. You can find the form here. This form must be signed by both your legal guardian and the school that you withdrew from.
  3. Prep for your tests. Technically, you do not need any preparation to take your tests. However, if you have been out of school for a while or left high school early on, you may want to consider some assistance before you take them. Keep in mind you only get a few attempts on each test (5 for HiSET and 4 for GED) so unless you feel you’re a whiz at your algebra and pronouns, seek some help. This is where YDI can help. Through our Education, Employment, and training department, we have a High School Equivalency program that can help you receive your diploma. The instructor will guide you through a preliminary evaluation to see where you are strong and where you need some guidance. From there, you’ll take the tests you’re ready to take and receive tutoring in the subjects you aren’t quite ready for. Oh yeah, and it’s free! and we cover your testing costs! The program ages are changing to please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.
  4. Test time. If you have decided to go at it alone, you’ll need to schedule your tests. You can do this through the website of the company you have decided to test with (GED or HiSET.) In Albuquerque, almost all of the CNM campuses offer both GED and HiSET testing. This is the most common testing site for those pursuing their HSE. Pricing changes each year but you can plan on paying around $50.00 for the whole testing process. Most tests last around 90 minutes. However, the language arts test for GED can take up to several hours so be prepared. To read. A lot.
  5. Get Your Diploma. Once you have successfully passed all of the tests (minimum 8 for HiSET and 145 for GED) it is time to receive your diploma. You do not actually receive your diploma through Diploma Sender. You’ll need to make a new account and be sure and have your HiSET or GED ID number ready. Once you successfully register you will see subjects you have tested in and the option to “Order Your Documents. Diploma Sender will send you a free copy of your diploma either via email or a physical copy. We recommend choosing the email option, downloading the file and emailing it to yourself or saving it to a cloud-based system like Google Drive so you are able to print as many copies as you like.