Thanks for everything each of you has done to help keep us safe during this COVID-19 pandemic! Here at YDI, we have continued to provide services to those we serve through a modified service delivery model primarily delivered by staff working from home using telephonic and online support. Our court-ordered visitation services and our homeless and disconnected youth shelters remain open, albeit serving fewer youth as we practice social distancing. And our administrative teams continue to serve our staff, our funders, and the businesses we contract with. 

Our staff at YDI is committed to continuing to support our many vulnerable clients all while taking care of our families, our children, and many times, our parents. We are blessed that our funders have remained committed to providing us resources to continue supporting those we serve.  But like so many other non-profits and small businesses, YDI is struggling to “make ends meet.” Any support would be very much appreciated, so please go to our website to donate.

At YDI, we remain open to support those who need us. Please contact us if you need help. Please continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and let’s get through this together.

-CEO Diego Gallegos