Get Up Get Moving- Initiative

An initiative funded by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, “Vive Tu Vida! Get Up! Get Moving!” provides community-based initiatives and activities designed to promote health and wellness among individuals.


With the help of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, the primary goal of the program is to address physical and mental health by utilizing local resources in the community such as cultural centers, parks and local soccer/sports teams to emphasize the importance of physical activity, supporting the family and community building.


    This program works in tandem with the Family and Community Services program which provides latch key recreation and sporting events for children and youth.


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    children, youth, and adults were helped by YDI last year

     National Alliance for Hispanic Health is the premier science-based and community-driven organization that focuses on the best health for all.  Community-based members provide services to more than 15 million Hispanics throughout the U.S. every year and national organization members provide services to more than 100 million people annually.

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