Neutral Corner

The Neutral Corner provides supervised visitation and exchange services for families going through separation and/or divorce or couples impacted by domestic violence.


In supervised exchanges, YDI staff safely observe the transfer of children from one parent to another. This allows children a brief period of adjustment, the comfort of not witnessing combative situations, and the opportunity to greet each parent enthusiastically.

Supervised visitation contact between a parent and child(ren) takes place under the watchful eye of YDl’s staff. When allegations of neglect, physical/sexual abuse or substance abuse occurs, careful supervision in a protected environment is necessary. The Neutral Corner also offers a Sesame Street comfy cozy space for children to enjoy recreational and educational materials.


    Staff ensure healthy interactions and activities and encourage quality time between parents and their children. A comprehensive visitation report form is completed for each visit. 


    Give us a call 505.255.0007 

    Located at 6301 Central NW, Albuquerque, NM 87105  



    children, youth, and families were helped by YDI's programs last year!

     The staff at Neutral Corner are caring, compassionate, and understanding. Some of the people who go there are sometimes not happy about having to go there and Ive never seen the staff be rude, mean or pass judgement on anyone. Which I feel takes a hard situation and makes it a bit easier.”

    – Jennifer Hatfield

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