Did you know YDI is one of New Mexico’s most powerful agents against Gang Prevention?

The Albuquerque Metro area alone has 246 active gangs and as many as 7,700 documented Gang Members.

Last night YDI’s 4th Street Outreach (4SO) Gang Intervention program graduated 12 young people from its “Si Se Puede” leadership program.

“Si Se Puede” (or “Yes We Can in Spanish) is an 8-week leadership program offered 4 times a year. It includes access to case management, individual and family counseling with a licensed therapist, recreational activities and participation in community events to gang-involved youth.

Did you know that 88% of the young people who go through this program do not engage in violent gang activity upon completion?

If you think of the math, this means that Gang Intervention has changed the lives of at least 1,440 young people’s lives with direct services over the last 30 years, and indirectly served at least 5,760 individuals indirectly. That is a whole lot of lives changed- and every single one of those lives counts.

And this is just one of 17 programs that YDI’s Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment division provides!

The staff and services at YDI 4SO are among the highest quality in the nation.